Fleming in Jamaica in 1964 (Harry Benson/Getty Images)

James Bond’s fantasy-driven history with Jamaica

Bee Quammie: Ian Fleming created Bond in Jamaica, and romanticized the country. Did he ever reckon with its realities?

When a trip to Jamaica is no vacation

Sent back to a home they never knew

Filmmakers hitch drama about Jamaican deportees to fight against Bill C-43


Jamaica’s first female prime minister leads landslide victory

Opposition is victorious in Jamaica’s general election, dominating Parliament by a 2-1 margin


Canadian military to help Jamaica in hurricane season

Three helicopters and 65 people to carry out search and rescue operations


Tears for Jamaica

It’s Safe for Tourists, Sad for Citizens


Jamaica: The New ‘It’ Island

What makes it so hot, mon?


‘They’re black and you don’t want them in’

Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis gets accusatory at a meeting of the immigration committee.


Peace, order and high comedy

The Prime Minister addresses the Jamaican parliament. Hilarity ensues at about the 1:15 mark.


Come to Jamaica

A dispatch from the Jamaica Observer.

Sandals Resorts International yesterday offered a one-week all expense paid vacation to the 159 passengers and eight crew members of the CanJet airline that was hijacked at the Sangster International Airport Sunday night…

Yesterday, Prime Minister Bruce Golding, as well as Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who were present when the announcement was made, commended the hotel chain for the gesture.


Who stole an entire beach in Jamaica?

Police are conducting forensic tests of sand on other beaches