James Franco

Paul Wells

’A regime that can’t take a joke doesn’t deserve to live’

Political editor Paul Wells on ’The Interview,’ the movie at the heart of the global controversy
Seth Rogen;James Franco

Newsmakers of the day: Seth Rogen and James Franco

Newsmaker of the day, Dec. 16: The stars of ’The Interview’ retreat amid threats
Third Person

TIFF 2013 Diary, Day Five ... from eco-activists to Penthouse parties

Our daily dose of the TIFF scene, from Night Moves’ eco-terrorists to Paul Haggis’s return to form

TIFF 2013 Diary: Day Two, from dead cheerleaders to a lively Zac Efron

Highlights from the second day of the festival, including some zombie cheerleaders and might-as-well-be-undead parties.

’This is the End’ but Seth Rogen is still laughing

Rogen on the apocalypse and a cast of actors playing themselves
This is the End

‘This is the End’ but Seth Rogen is still laughing

Canadian comedian discusses his feature directing debut

Spring Breakers: The emperor’s new bikini

Emma Teitel on why Harmony Korine’s latest may be the worst film she’s ever seen

What is it about Spring Breakers?

Jessica Allen on the (slightly repulsive) allure of Harmony Korine’s new film

Boom and doom at the movies

Brian D. Johnson reviews G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Ginger & Rosa, Spring Breakers