Jane Fonda

“Blackkklansman” Red Carpet Arrivals – The 71st Annual Cannes Film Festival

In conversation with Jane Fonda: ’I am so disappointed with your prime minister’

The multifaceted actress speaks about her political activism, the institution of marriage, a new version of ’9 to 5,’ and how the world has changed for women

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Barry Hertz on the notable picks and omissions
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Photo highlights, so far, from Cannes

27 frames from the most famous red carpet in the French Riviera
On growing up with the Black Panthers, moving in with Jane Fonda—and race and class

Mary Williams grew up with the Black Panthers and then moved in with Jane Fonda

Williams was first parented communally by members of the Black Panthers, before meeting Fonda at a summer camp and moving in with her.
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Giving testosterone a workout

Jane Fonda takes it, and she’s still having sex at 73. Why aren’t you?
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In conversation: Jane Fonda

On getting older and enjoying life more, why sex fascinates her, and her fear of intimacy
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Too early for Jane Fonda, we had Jack

Barbara Amiel on how Jack LaLanne exhorted us all to stop being slaves to our aging bodies
Does Alex Turner need nicer clothes?

Top 10 Worst Moments at TIFF

There was plenty of bad behaviour at this year’s event, thanks to the likes of Drew Barrymore, Neil Young and Colin Farrell