Princess Mako Of Japan Marries Kei Komuro

A wedding fit for a commoner

Image of the week: Japan’s Princess Mako trades her royal title for love in a simple ceremony so not to rile her family and the Japanese public

Shinzo Abe went to Canada, and all he got was this corny door-knocker

Image of the week: After a pleasant visit to our nation’s capital, the Japanese PM and his wife installed the beaver-shaped hardware back home—and showed it off on Instagram

With a new emperor, Japan’s male-centric royal rules are under scrutiny

Emperor Akihito’s abdication exposes the fragile underpinnings of the world’s oldest monarchy

The Liberal Party insider who saved the TPP trade deal

After Trudeau’s no show at a leaders’ meeting in Vietnam, the trade deal seemed at risk. So Canada sent Ian McKay to repair the damage.
U.S. President Donald Trump Visits South Korea – Day 1

The real challenge America faces in East Asia’s new geopolitical game

Opinion: Donald Trump’s Seoul visit reveals the potential fade of U.S. influence in East Asia, as South Korea seeks a true way forward on North Korea
Barack Obama, Shinzo Abe

For the record: What Obama said in Hiroshima today

’The memory of the morning of Aug. 6, 1945, must never fade’
Canadian Bank Branches As Earnings Figures Are Released

Negative interest rates? That’s a negative.

Interest rates in Japan and Europe are now less than zero. That’s not a disaster—but it could lead to one.
Greenpeace activists tracking the Japanese whaling fleet, Southern Ocean, Antarctica

Outrage, but no surprise, as Japan returns to hunting whales

A year after the International Court of Justice ordered Japan to stop the hunt, whalers are once again taking to the seas

The politics of Kendo

Book review: Alexander C. Bennett’s Kendo: Culture of the Sword

The impact of oil prices, from A to Y

March 26: A journey from Alberta’s budget to air strikes in Yemen. Plus, a painfully bad date with a Japanese ramen brand