Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos

Trump gets it partly right on Amazon—it does get a sweetheart postal deal

The online shopping giant is paying more taxes these days, but the U.S. Postal Service is not being adequately compensated for doing Amazon’s heavy lifting
Amazon CEO Bezos Introduces Smartphone to Take on Apple, Samsung

We want Amazon, Jeff Bezos. Or is it best to just call you ’Christ Almighty’?

Humour: Hundreds of cities are ready to spend millions to humiliate ourselves to Amazon’s satisfaction. Here’s how far Toronto’s willing to go.
SpaceX Falcon9 blasts off

Rocketship revolutionaries: The new space race

The challenge is now to go faster, higher and cheaper than ever before. Here are the three visionaries leading the way.

Amazon’s sky-high drone plan

Colby Cosh on innovation that’s above and beyond
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Move over, Wal-Mart

Rivals are learning the hard way why Amazon is the next retail king
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You buy a book but don’t own it?

Amazon’s Kindle deletions sparked a host of questions over e-book rights and privacy
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You can’t buy that here

Why Canadians have to wait for the coolest new gadgets