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TIFF lineup

TIFF 2013: A survival guide

What you need to know as the festival gets underway

He said, she said: Is it OK to talk about Lena Dunham’s body?

Talking points on Girls, Season 2, Episode 2
Woman with a diamond ring

Keeping up with the Anistons

Spurred by celebrity engagement bling, women go big on rings as wallets groan
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Newsmakers: Mar. 16-22, 2012

Justin Trudeau’s crackberry rage, Kate’s first royal speech, the cost of keeping Jennifer Aniston fresh

Opening weekend: Horrible Bosses, Page One, Conan, Cave

Aniston’s turn as marriage-wrecking slut: just another image makeover?

Just Go With It: the best (and only) way to enjoy Adam Sandler’s latest flick

Film critic Brian D. Johnson thinks Sandler should quit romcoms

Opening Weekend: Bardem, Bieber, Sandler and Channing

Adam Sandler should play villains in Bond movies; in a duet with Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus looks like a jaded hooker

Opening Weekend: ‘The Switch,’ and ‘Lebanon’

Like being stuck on a bad date with Jennifer Aniston, or buried alive in a killing machine

Enough with the Friends nostalgia

Friends was practically a one-off, with pretty people making funny scenes out of trivial, but relatable, things
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Entertainment Edition:

The season’s golden girls, bad boys, and red-carpet rebels