Jim Flaherty

Christine Elliot

Christine Elliott is the right leader for a #MeToo moment

Jonathan Kay: The Ontario PC party needs a woman at the top, and in this leadership race, her story of family and career should inspire

Behind Kellie Leitch’s ’sort-of’ campaign for Conservative leader

In her tentative bid to lead the party, Kellie Leitch has a high-profile team behind her, even if most Canadians don’t know who she is
Jim Flaherty

Soundslide: A final farewell to Jim Flaherty

Photo and audio highlights from the funeral of the former Finance Minister
Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaks at the state funeral for former finance minister Jim Flaherty in Toronto

Stephen Harper’s speech at Jim Flaherty’s funeral

’The best Finance Minister in the world, if not indeed, the best in our history’
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A final goodbye, and an all-too-rare show of respect

Funeral marks conclusion of an extraordinary week of public remembrance
A woman holds a picture of former Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty at the visitation service at the Abilities Centre in Whitby

Photos: Paying respects to Jim Flaherty

Hundreds gather to honour the former finance minister a day before his state funeral

Maclean’s on the Hill: Remembering Jim Flaherty

Jason Kenney and David McLaughlin reflect on the life of the former finance minister
Canada’s PM Harper and his wife Laureen take part in a news conference following the news of former Finance Minister Flaherty’s death on Parliament Hill in Ottawa

5 at 5: Flaherty gets state funeral

Also, Supreme Court vs. tough-on-crime, Brazeau goes to rehab, someone is confident about MH370 and the Pope talks tough
Aaron Wherry

Jim Flaherty: A death in the family

The House of Commons comes together to mourn