Jim Munson

Duffy: ‘My actions regarding expenses do not merit criticism’

Nonetheless, the Prime Minister is “sorry” and “extremely angry”

PHOTO GALLERY: Big Cheeses Gather in Ottawa

MPs  helped packed  the ballroom  of the Fairmont Château Laurier for a reception put on by the Dairy Farmers of Canada.


Senator Fairbairn and public office

Liberal Senator Jim Munson defends Joyce Fairbairn.

MPs and LGBT rights at Egale reception on the Hill

Egale, Canada’s national lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) human rights organization, held a special all-party reception in the Hill hosted by Tory Senator Nancy Ruth.

Vic Toews poses with Salmon

The Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance held a reception at the Westin Hotel in Ottawa. Below, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews and Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance Executive Director Ruth Salmon.

Remembering Mario Lagüe

A remembrance night was held last week for Liberal communications director Mario Lagüe, who died in a motorcycle accident in August.


On the run

Included among the hundreds of films now online from the National Film Board is History on the Run, an entirely fascinating documentary about the media and the 1979 federal election that climaxes with a technical explanation of how best to light Joe Clark’s chin.


ITQ on CBC: How twitter and liveblogging won’t just not destroy, but may actually save journalism!

No, really. Okay, maybe not twitter — at least, not til there’s a decent, free, non-memory-hogging berryclient that will let you sort and filter and stuff. (Right about now, Colleague McGregor’s head is exploding, I can feel the vibrations from here.)

MPs rally around autism

To mark World Autism Awareness Day, Senator Jim Munson (below, right), and several MPs held a reception for the Canadian ASD Alliance, a group representing seven autism organizations.