Jimmy Kimmel

Bill Clinton

Ford shatters Canadian stereotypes, Bill Clinton tells Jimmy Kimmel

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford provided fodder for Jimmy Kimmel Live—again—after saying he mistakenly voted against two council motions

A Hollywood story not worth a sequel

A bad tie and an embarrassing interview will not be the death knell of Rob Ford
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

So long, Los Angeles

With The Tonight Show moving to NYC, the city emerges as victor in an age-old comedy war
Kristen Stewart

What students are talking about today (Sept. 7 edition)

Kristen Stewart, TIFF, Jimmy Kimmel is mean & bubble tea
A bump into late night

Why Jimmy Kimmel bumped Nightline

With retirement speculation surrounding Letterman and Leno, ABC is betting big on their star
Missing image

Studies say: real friends matter, and the rich pollute

Our semi-regular roundup of findings from the world of academia
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Late-night is for frat boys only

Women are a big part of the audience, so why don’t hosts like Jay Leno hire any as writers?
Obama and comedians

Did you hear the one about Obama?

From 2009: When Barack Obama first became presidents, TV comics gave him an easy ride.