John Baird

John Kerry, John Baird, Charles J. Cassidy

What to make of John Kerry’s visit to Ottawa

It’s easy to make too much of the visit, and perhaps too little, writes Michael Petrou
House of Commons 20130327

The House confronts ISIL and the quandary of saving Iraq

Today’s debate was perhaps not quite a shining example of public dialogue. But it was a debate.
John Baird, Rowsch Nouri Shaway

Stories we’re watching: Baird in Iraq, NATO out of Afghanistan

Five of the top stories making headlines this afternoon
Canada’s Foreign Minister John Baird lays flowers at a make-shift memorial for those killed in recent violence in Kiev

John Baird: "Standing with the people of Ukraine"

An op-ed from Canada’s foreign minister

The sketch: Is the Fair Elections Act a lesson in democracy?

’Mr. Speaker, we have only begun debate’

Rick Mercer on what’s to come in 2014: ’Stephen Harper will resign’

The CBC’s ranter-in-chief predicts the Conservative Party’s future
Budget Bill 20120613

Ottawa somehow ignores Rob Ford

Five notes from the nation’s capital

5 things the feds did while Rob Ford was the only news in town

Harper’s team travelled the globe, and Czech visitors to Canada have it easier