John Baird


John Baird vs. The Maldives

A note of thanks from the deposed president

Canada picks fights with the Maldives and Sri Lanka

The big news: Meanwhile, Brazil is furious about alleged Canadian espionage
John Baird

What did John Baird say to the Maldives?

’A certain standard of values and principles which is clearly lacking in the Maldives’

Two Canadians remain in Egypt prison

The big news: John Greyson and Tarek Loubani could stay behind bars for 45 days
John Greyson

On two Canadians jailed in Cairo

Michael Petrou explains why it is hard to argue that Canada has abandoned Tarek Loubani and John Greyson
Keeping things unreal for far too long

With friends like REAL Women, does ’social conservatism’ need enemies?

Colby Cosh on the least-effective activists in Canadian politics
John Baird

John Baird’s easiest political victory

The foreign affairs minister’s defence of gay rights was a political no-brainer
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On whether or not to boycott the Sochi Olympics

At the intersection of sports, politics and human rights

Why Canada’s Jews should stand up for Russia’s gays

And the case for boycotting the Sochi Olympics