John Baird


Who here is the least disgraceful?

The House engages in a rather unedifying hour of democracy
Nigel Wright

The secret PMO fund that maybe never existed

The New Democrats and Conservatives get their money’s worth regardless
Iranian Revolution

Remembering a massacre in Iran

MPs vote on a motion to condemn the massacre of 5,000 Iranian political prisoners

This week has four sketches

Nigel Wright, Mike Duffy, Stephen Harper and the question of the week
John Baird

The Commons: The Conservatives run out of answers

And Pat Martin wonders where it all went wrong

The Commons: John Baird tries to explain what he understands to be true

The opposition is not appeased by the Prime Minister’s acknowledgement of unhappiness
Arab aid feature

First aid and second guesses in Libya

Why Canada decided to ditch Israeli trauma kits during Baird’s 2011 visit
The carcass of a cow lies on the ground in San Isidro de Cienega

The quiet cuts

We can’t afford to officially oppose droughts anymore
Peace tower

C-279 comes to a vote

Tight vote expected for transgendered rights bill