John Baird

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Alison Redford giveth and Alison Redford taketh away

The Alberta Premier’s nuanced position on carbon pricing
John Baird

The Commons: John Baird, Pierre Poilievre and the hypocritical oath

The gleeful master of gotcha and the Minister of State for I-Know-You-Are-But-What-Am-I?
Bob Rae

The Commons: The age of austerity, as not seen on TV

In light of spending cuts, perhaps a new advertising campaign is in order
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The new office of religious freedom

The Prime Minister names a new ambassador

John Baird looks at Mali and sees Afghanistan

If the Foreign Minister doesn’t want to get involved in another Afghanistan, what are we still doing in the original one?
John Kerry, John Baird

John Kerry on John Baird, Keystone XL and hockey

Highlights of today’s meeting between John Baird and John Kerry

The Commons: Diane Finley’s words are used against her

Let us now debate who are the "bad guys" here

John Baird’s six most pressing international files

Trade may be the Foreign Affairs Minister’s priority, but other issues could force their way to the top of the list