John Ridsdel

Robert Hall is photographed in Edmonton on May 14, 2009 (Klyment Tan)

Sister of Robert Hall: Trudeau failed Canadian hostages

Bonice Thomas, a sibling of Robert Hall—beheaded in the Philippines—is demanding an inquiry into the government’s efforts to free Hall and John Ridsdel
Robert Hall photographed in 2009 (Klyment Tan)

Remembering Robert Hall, a lifelong dreamer

Before he was kidnapped by terrorists, Robert Hall left Canada behind and sold everything to seek happiness in a sailboat and a new love
Peace Tower

For the record: Justin Trudeau and Rona Ambrose on Robert Hall

We have compelling reason to believe that reports to this effect are, unfortunately, true’

Extremists execute Canadian hostage in the Philippines

Justin Trudeau expresses condolences as diplomats work to confirm gruesome reports
John Ridsdel. (Marian Bantjes)

John Bramwell Ridsdel, 1947-2016

A passionate sailor, devoted father and loyal friend, he knew how to navigate some dangerous corners of the world

Bob Rae on the remarkable life of his friend John Ridsdel

The former MP and premier on a long friendship, his desperate effort to free his friend, and the terrible news at the end of it all