Jordan Peterson

Peterson at home in Toronto, May 2, 2018 (Mark Sommerfeld/The New York Times/Redux)

Jordan Peterson’s upcoming book has opened up a clash of values at its publisher

Employees at Penguin Random House Canada speak out on how they’re rethinking their workplaces and why publishing, writ large, should weigh its moral responsibilities

A little compassion for Jordan Peterson

Michael Coren: In his illness, Peterson’s views are irrelevant. It’s his needs that should inform people’s reaction.

The Jordan Peterson–Slavoj Žižek debate was good for something

Andray Domise: Debate has its place in debunking bad actors and their ideas, but it only works when the participants have actually done their homework
Jordan Peterson

The context of Jordan Peterson’s thoughts on ’enforced monogamy’

Peterson talking about the importance of enforced monogamy isn’t alarming because it’s been taken out of context, says Tabatha Southey—it’s alarming precisely because of its context

Jordan Peterson’s people are not who you think they are

Peterson’s followers are often lumped in with the alt-right. In reality, they’re a diverse group of self-help junkies searching for meaning and order in a rapidly evolving age.
WLU Student Demonstrations 20180320

Free speech isn’t fair. So what?

Jen Gerson: The so-called Free Speech Grifters all too easily whip up outrage. The response can’t possibly be to abandon the principle of free speech.

What really happened at Wilfrid Laurier University

Inside Lindsay Shepherd’s heroic, insulting, brave, destructive, possibly naïve fight for free speech
Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson and the big mistake of university censors

Stephen Maher: Learning to think means learning to entertain opposing ideas, not imposing a safety culture on campus
Jordan Peterson

Is Jordan Peterson the stupid man’s smart person?

Tabatha Southey delves into University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson’s work and finds his secret sauce—and what makes his work unnerving