Julian Assange


Deconstructing Julian Assange

Terry Glavin: His half-witted admirers consider him a liberal-left truth-teller. But he’s no friend of truth. He’s a friend of tyrants.
Julian Assange Appears At Westminster Magistrates Court

How to be a better houseguest than Julian Assange

Tabatha Southey: Double-check to make sure you have all your belongings before you leave. Did you leave a book in the bedside table, socks on the floor, feces on the walls? Please check.
Sweden Announce That They Are Dropping Rape Charges Against Julian Assange

Julian Assange’s ghostwriter dishes on the Wikileaks founder

In his collection of stories essayist Andrew O’Hagan calls Assange ’conspiratorial, untruthful, narcissistic . . . probably a little mad, sad and bad’ and excoriates the Republicans
Julian Assange courtesy of Praxis Films

Inside Julian Assange’s world, the moving target of ’Risk’

Laura Poitras’s new doc ’Risk’—crafted from years of incredible access to the enigmatic WikiLeaks founder—is as revealing as it is unnerving
A supporter of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange holds a placard during a gathering outside the Ecuador embassy in London

Amid an immigration crisis, Julian Assange asks for asylum

Leah McLaren on how WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s plea for protection in France couldn’t have come at a worse time

Five highlights from Julian Assange’s conference call

The WikiLeaks founder demanded the U.S. drop a four-year investigation into his work

The Fifth Estate: Portrait of a genius as a bit of a jerk

(Why Julian Assange won’t be crashing the red carpet at TIFF)

Wikileaks does history with the ’Kissinger Cables’

Jesse Brown on the group’s latest effort: turning existing cables into a searchable database

Anonymous breaks up with Wikileaks

There’s a paywall between them now
Assange’s ally

The bizarre pairing of Julian Assange and Ecuador’s Rafael Correa

Wikileaks founder’s presidential supporter keeps his own country’s press on a short leash