Karl Marx

"1886 cartoon of Henry George"

Did 2010’s man of the year die in 1897?

Marxism is dead; long live Georgism! With Britain in austerity mode, its government pre-emptively decommissioning aircraft carriers that haven’t been built yet and preparing to bounce a half-million public-sector employees, everybody is looking for policy solutions to make the state’s in-flow exceed its out-go with the least possible agony. That has some progressives, including the Liberal Democrat Business Secretary Vince Cable, looking at the notion of Land Value Taxation (LVT)—applying the new tax burdens not to capital and labour income, which would discourage work and investment, but to the unimproved value of land area, where, to a first approximation, it would merely encourage efficient land use and make it more affordable.


When Khrushchev came to America

Nikita Khrushchev’s 1959 visit was a Cold War comic interlude


Evolution evolving

Marx and Freud have faded badly, but Darwin still rules today