Cyclist’s Valentine, Chris Hadfield & the Harlem Shake

What students are talking about today (February 15th)



It’s rare that someone tries to gain public attention by doing something that is unequivocally wicked. But I think that this must be said of Colleen Cleve, the St. Catharines mom who intends to try to gain class action certification for a lawsuit over the Tories’ closure of the Katimavik program. From HuffPo’s Althia Raj:


Fighting words

During QP yesterday, Justin Trudeau wanted to talk about funding for Katimavik. Heritage Minister James Moore wanted to talk about Saturday night’s charity fight between Mr. Trudeau and Senator Patrick Brazeau.

Mr. Speaker, we have a strong record in supporting kids and that will continue. My colleague will have to wait for the budget tomorrow, but I know that he is very anxious to please Canadians. I think the best way for him to please Canadians would be on Saturday night when he gets into the ring, if he keeps his hands nice and low and keeps his chin nice and high, he will be giving Canadians the greatest show we have been waiting for.

Trudeau chills with his old crew

Members of Katimavik, Canada’s leading youth service program, were on the Hill for a reception which they do several times a year. Joining them was Montreal Liberal MP Justin Trudeau who used to be Chair of the Board of Directors of Katimavik. Trudeau poses below with a youth and loaf of bread.