Kim Thúy


Kim Thúy on how ’refugee literature’ differs from immigrant literature

The Governor General’s Award–winning author of the novels ’Ru’, ’Mãn’ and now ’Vi’ is still unpacking her own experience: ’In a refugee camp, you live outside of time.’
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Mãn alive: A novel of food, fulfillment and family in Vietnam

Packed with haunting, poetic detail, Kim Thúy’s ’Mãn’ is a beautiful read
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In conversation with Giller Prize nominee Kim Thúy

On reading and writing in three languages and how she came to name her book ’Ru’
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Giller Prize nominee Kim Thúy on the fragility and power of books

Plus, an excerpt from the author’s semi-autobiographical novel, which details a harrowing journey from Vietnam to Canada
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Gearing up for the Giller Prize

Our chief book reviewer takes a look at the shortlist for Canada’s most glamourous fiction award