Adnan Khan

With the fall of Tel Abyad, the tide begins to turn on Islamic State

Islamic State is losing control of the Turkish-Syrian border that it needs. And with its lifeline cut off, a ‘Day of Judgment’ looms.
Adnan Khan

Inside the triumph at Kobani, and the reality that awaits

Kurdish forces in Syria have turned the tide against Islamic State, but their ranks are becoming dangerously divided
Michael Petrou

Syrian Kurds take back Kobani

Michael Petrou on the expulsion of Islamic State from Kobani, the Syrian town once teetering on the brink
Kobane fighter, main character in Turkey piece. Photograph by Adnan R. Khan

Why Turkey has left the Kurds to fight alone against Islamic State

The country’s inaction has angered many in the international community and ignited violent demonstrations at home