Kory Teneycke


Don’t fear the social conservatives

The organized SoCon wing looms large over the Tory leadership race. A new report suggests it would tolerate a moderate leader.

The takedown of Andrew Scheer

Partisan warfare, ruthless tactics, friendly fire. What really happened in the final weeks before the resignation of the leader of the opposition.

For access to the Ford government, two names matter most

Chris Froggatt and Kory Teneycke are close allies of the premier. They also run thriving start-ups that help companies do business with the government.
Doug Ford

How Doug Ford did it

Inside the chaotic Ontario election campaign and the last-ditch effort that put the controversial PC leader in the premier’s office

Transcript: Party strategists dissect the 2015 campaign

Three senior members of the Liberals, Conservatives and NDP give insider insight on what went right and wrong in the campaign

News will never be the same

Kory Teneycke announces his departure from the Sun TV News project

A Harvard man

David Johnston began his post-secondary studies in the ivy league...but isn’t that a bad thing?