Kristen Wiig

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards – Season 72

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Jaime Weinman on why we shouldn’t look to ’all-female’ versions of anything to solve Hollywood’s gender balance problems
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Exploring Alice Munro, but not through her books

Munro’s stories have inspired some extraordinary works of cinema—and some made-for-TV duds
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TIFF 2013: Trends and tales

What we learned at TIFF 2013, from how volunteers make great human shields to why you will never be better than Michael Fassbender
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The director of Hateship Loveship in conversation with Barry Hertz

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Grey Goose Vodka Party and DiamondsForever For “Anna Karenina” At Soho House Toronto 2012 – 2012 Toronto International Film Festival

TIFF 2012: Top 5 awkward moments

As the red carpets get rolled up, here are the moments that made me cringe, plus the 5 best ones that left me giggling with delight

TIFF: On the red carpet with Kristen Wiig

We also chat up the husband and wife directing duo and the screenwriter of ’Imogene’

TIFF 2012: 5 best films that unfold in the Big Apple

Imogine and Frances Ha, both set in New York, premiere today
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Kristen Wiig is seriously annoying

Can’t the new female star of ‘Saturday Night Live’ come up with a likeable character or two?