Kristina Groves


Newsmakers: Sept. 22-29

Miley gets political, the Pope gets stung and Julian Assange gets an autobiography he doesn’t want

Concussions: they’re not just for men anymore

Mounting research shows concussion rates are a lot higher in female than male athletes—even in ‘safer’ sports
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And the winners are...

What’s easily lost in the nationalistic posturing are the outstanding individual performances.
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The Greatest one

Clara Hughes is the only person to win multiple medals at both the Summer and Winter Olympics. But, for Canada’s role-model athlete, it’s not about gold, silver or bronze.
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We were best when it counted

The Vancouver Games started as a ‘crazy’ dream and ended up a wondrous spectacle that transfixed and, just maybe, transformed a nation
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Speed Demons

Canada’s women speed skaters demand perfection. Even winning medals wasn’t quite enough.
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Loud and Proud

A boisterous home crowd propels Canada’s female speed skaters
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A bonus bronze

Kristina Groves captures 3rd in the 3,000 metres. And just like that, Canada is on a roll.

Vancouver 2010: Maclean’s predicts the winners

A look at 50 Canadian Olympians with podium potential