Kyle Rae

More Toronto gay Pride events

Part of Toronto Pride was its Gala & Awards ceremony where politicians hobnobbed with who’s who of the gay community.

Toronto Pride: So this is what the Conservatives helped fund!

There’s been much  drama over this year’s announcement of the Conservative government funding Toronto Pride. But just who was at this mega gay parade? Men in leather jockstraps, drag queens and  porn stars, naturally. But also pro-Israel groups, anti-Israel groups, gay Anglicans—and the Canadian Armed Forces doing recruitment. Several on-duty police forces wore festive gear. While politicians from the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, the Liberals and the NDP were out in full force. And Rick Mercer.

MPs, gay rights and underwear models: The bonus pics

Here are bonus pics from the gay advocacy group EGALE’s first-ever big gala. The event took place at Toronto’s Le Meridien King Edward Hotel and marked the 40th anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality in Canada. To see the full gallery click here.