Quebec Train Derailment

Reflections from Lac-Mégantic

Aaron Hutchins on a town that has little hope for the missing

Lac-Mégantic: Photos from inside the disaster zone

Quebec provincial police release photos of the crime scene
Dugald train disaster

10 of Canada’s worst train accidents

Canada’s vast railroad network has borne witness to many deadly crashes prior to the disaster in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec
The wreckage of a train is pictured after explosion in Lac Megantic

The politics of Lac-Megantic

Thomas Mulcair and the debate about transporting oil we’re already having
The wreckage of a train is pictured after explosion in Lac Megantic

Why rail matters to Keystone XL

Luiza Ch. Savage on the Lac-Mégantic disaster and the U.S. pipeline debate
Que Train Fire 20130708

Time to lift the curtain at Lac-Mégantic

Politicians are touring the disaster site. Now it’s time to let media show the world what happened, writes Paul Wells.
Que Train Fire 20130707

Lac-Mégantic: Residents consider what they’ve lost

Nearly everyone knows someone who is dead or missing

Lac-Mégantic isn’t good for pipelines—it’s bad for oil, period

Andrew Leach on the industry-wide impact of the tragedy

Lac-Mégantic community begins to show resilience after disaster

Tease the day: the scarred town digests a massive tragedy
Quebec explosion

In Lac-Mégantic, the investigation begins

Paul Wells on theories about how a 72-car train could just roll away and explode