Lady Gaga

Steppin’ out with Tony

Steppin’ out with Tony Bennett

Tony Bennett, 85, sings with Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga on his new CD, and has taken up sculpting. Try to keep up.

Newsmakers: June 9 - 16, 2011

A 65-year murder mystery solved, Bieber takes a beating, and Danny Williams has got game

Newsmakers: May 19-26

Lady Gaga makes an entrance, Mark Zuckerberg learns a new skill and Saudi women are driven to rebel
Lady Gaga isn't PM's happy place

Lady Gaga isn’t PM’s happy place

RICK MERCER: While Harper looks awkward and Iggy learns low expectations are his friend, lowlier politicians rejoice
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In conversation: David Furnish

On life with Elton John and who (surprise!) baby Zachary’s godmother might be
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Sounds like a hot investment

Backed by rappers and now even Wall Street, headphones are a hit
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Bright idea: Billboard’s top-tweeted bands

Even if people aren’t buying music like they used to, they’re still talking about it
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Year in pictures - January

Maclean’s presents the best photos of 2010
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The new normal

A banner year for gay rights
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James Franco’s newest reinvention, a dolphin that goes fishing, Prince embraces the medium formerly known as print