Lars von Trier


Off the menu: ’Nymphomaniac’ and ’The Lunchbox’

In Lars von Trier’s hard-core tale of a sex addict, his intellectual promiscuity trumps titillation
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What’s hot at TIFF

Plunging into the deep end with Ryan Gosling, Tilda Swinton, Willem Dafoe, Elizabeth Olsen, George Clooney, Vanessa Paradis . . .

De Niro’s jury turns ’The Tree of Life’ into a Golden Palm

Kirsten Dunst wins the actress prize for Lars Von Trier’s ’Melancholia’; Gosling vehicle ’Drive’ gets best director
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Silence and scandal in the Cannes bubble

A festival that bridged the gap between art house and audience

Lars Von Trier banished from Cannes

Cannes exiles Danish bad boy as it honours banned Iranian

Lars Von Trier, Nazi pornographer manqué

On Hitler: "I sympathize with him a bit"

The Art House of Horror

Auteur cinema keeps reinventing the vocabulary of violence
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Lars Von Trier is The Antichrist

The Danish auteur dishes up arthouse horror that seems calculated to shock Cannes at any cost