las vegas

Something is broken in the United States

Las Vegas was a blip in the U.S. gun death horror show. Mass shootings are getting worse and Americans just keep buying more guns.

After Las Vegas terror, GOP lawmakers hem and haw

Another mass shooting, another day in Washington. ‘It’s hard to eliminate people who are madmen, no matter what we do,’ says one senator.

Las Vegas shooting: Video shows the chaos and aftermath

Video emerges of the chaos, confusion and heroism during the mass shooting in Las Vegas Sunday night

An almost presidential debate

The final Clinton vs Trump face-to-face featured real policy discussion, and then came Trump’s reality-TV treatment of U.S. democracy

Sin City braces for Donald Trump

For the final debate, America turns to Las Vegas, where the odds of a Clinton win would be 2-1 (if betting on politics was legal there)

Why Sin City topped Quebec City for an NHL team

The provincial politics behind Quebec City’s failure to convince the NHL to give them an expansion team


Urban legend no more: CIA confirms Area 51 exists

Will the news turn skeptics into believers?

Let’s go to Vegas, you said

Lost in Vegas

Scott Feschuk writes an open letter to his money

What’s a MakerBot Thing-O-Matic good for?

I’m not holding my breath for a 3D printer in every home

Robot cars: fond memories from CES ’08

GM predicted self-driving vehicles would be on the road by 2018–we’re well on the way


This week: Newsmakers

Michelle Obama visits Soweto, the world’s richest divorcée goes broke, and tennis’s grunting gals get called out