Late Night

2015 Summer TCA Tour – Day 14

Stephen Colbert tries to reach Middle America

The late-night innovator steps into the most innovation-resistant format in TV. Jaime Weinman on Stephen Colbert’s first Late Show

Q&A: Craig Ferguson on late-night TV and its latest shifts

As Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah prepare for their spin on the late-night carousel, an ex-host discusses the tricks of the trade
David Letterman

End of an era

David Letterman announces he will retire from Late Show in 2015
Jimmy Fallon

Hello, Jimmy Fallon, and hello, New York City

Jaime J. Weinman on what the programming changes mean for late night TV
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Late night civil war

Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien have become a proxy for two different viewpoints in a divided country
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Committing a Fallony

Jimmy Fallon’s aw-shucks, little-boy quality is an attempt to compensate for his many weaknesses