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BC Tweed Joint Venture on the outskirts of Vancouver B.C. in Delta and Aldergrove BC. (Jen Osborne/Redux)

Why legal pot was taking a hit in Canada, weeks before COVID-19 sent markets plunging

The gains cannabis companies were banking on in the lead-up to legalization of recreational sales in October 2018 have not materialized. So, what went sideways?
Customs And Border Patrol Keep Watch At U.S.-Canada Border

As Canada makes marijuana legal, the U.S. resorts to Prohibition-inspired tactics

Opinion: America’s own history reveals the depths of its reportedly old-fashioned approach to sharing a border with a nation where weed is legal

Why you won’t be able to buy weed in this Manitoba town—even when it’s legal

Given the choice to sell marijuana or not, the lakeside town of Gimli, Man., opted out. Without a slice of the revenue, what’s in it for them?
Marc Emery; Jodie Emery

Marc Emery was right; Julian Fantino was wrong

Stephen Maher: The activist faces a huge fine and will be locked out of the legal weed business. The former cop is set to cash in.

Bill Blair: The former top cop in charge of Canada’s pot file

That a former police chief is shaping marijuana legislation might suggest a bewildering about-face. But, as Shannon Proudfoot explains, that’s not how it works with Bill Blair.
Production Assistant Brennan collects marijuana plant clones to be moved into a growing room at Tweed Marijuana Inc in Smith’s Falls

Canadian schools set to capitalize on marijuana businesses

Canadian schools and grads are in a position to capitalize on pot

How to legalize marijuana? Go Dutch

Our laws may soon be laxer than Holland’s—and a lot more corporate
Marijuana Zoning 20150624

The right (and wrong) way to legalize cannabis

How to build a legal marijuana system that’s convenient, protects public health and keeps commercial forces in check