Let Them Play

Schoolboy crossing a road on his morning way to school

Letting kids roam: What’s allowed, where, and at what age

Leaving kids unsupervised is a legal grey area. But in some places—like airplane cabins and the parking lots of Quebec—the rules are hard and fast
Kids climbing very high tree in sprintime.

Kids should take risks, even dangerous ones

Protecting our kids from all potential risks isn’t doing them any favours. Here’s how to embrace risky play safely.
Child playing mobile games on smartphone on the street

The technology trap: Should you give your kid a smartphone?

Parents are turning to devices to keep tabs on their children, affording the youngsters much-needed independence. Do the benefits outweigh the risks?

I am not overprotective–I lost a child

When your child dies, you can’t be a carefree mother anymore. This mom wants criticism of helicopter parenting to stop.

We need to stop worrying and just let our kids play

Kids want to play with real tools, to jump from heights, to make up their own minds about what’s dangerous and what’s not. So what are we so afraid of?
Charlie’s son Cameron. (Judy Gillis)

The case for broken bones

Charlie Gillis: Parents face tough decisions when it comes to their kids’ safety. Letting them wander away from watchful eyes can pose a risk—but a risk worth taking.
Father And Son Watch An Athletic Event

Your helicopter parenting means you’re privileged

For some moms and dads, hovering is just not an option. Why are their peers so quick to judge them?
Girl Walking To School Along Busy Street

How did good parenting become a crime?

People teaching their kids independence risk censure by preachy neighbours, zealous police and overreaching child services officials
little girl playing outdoor

Don’t forget the denominator: Understanding the stats behind your kid’s safety

Media accounts of abductions and accidental child deaths can be alarming. Fortunately, statistics remind us of all those who make it home safe and sound.