Leviathan II

Report on the Leviathan II sinking: Watch live

The TSB will release a report on the 2015 sinking of the Leviathan II off the coast of B.C. Watch the conference live.

The tragedy at Tofino, B.C.: Inside the sinking of Leviathan II

The Leviathan II whale-watching ship capsized last October, killing six. For the first time, the survivors and rescuers recount how the tragedy unfolded.

Cover preview: What happened on the Leviathan II

A sneak peek of an emotional reconstruction of the desperate struggle for survival aboard the whale watch cruiser that sunk near Tofino, B.C.

Newsmakers 2015: The year’s most heroic figures

These brave women and men showed true courage when it counted this year

The Tofino disaster: Inside the rescue effort

Every boat within striking distance rushed to the scene, searching for hours, while locals opened their doors to survivors