Montreal: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attends Pride parade

Trudeau’s LGBT apology and the sacrifices that made it possible

Opinion: Trudeau’s apology should remind us that current day LGBT activists stand on ground cleared by brave forebears at a tremendous cost

Does PrEP, an HIV-preventing drug, make sense for gay men?

PrEP is being sold as a way to give gay men peace of mind—but it may not be as risk-free or socially responsible as it seems
Mba Steinbach Pride March 20160709

Reflecting on Steinbach’s historic first Pride Parade

LGBTQ residents of small-town Steinbach, in Manitoba, consider the meaning of a historic Pride where supporters came out and local officials didn’t
WorldPride Parade 2014

Steinbach Pride: Inside a battle for LGBT rights

Steinbach was famous for being Canada’s most charitable community. Now it’s becoming known for its hostile treatment of its LGBT citizens.
Egale executive director, Helen Kennedy (centre), releases the report Grossly Indecent with constitutional lawyer Douglas Elliott (left) and Todd Ross, who was given an honourable discharge from the army in the 80s for being gay.

Egale’s Helen Kennedy on Canada’s homophobic, transphobic past

In wake of the Orlando attack, Egale’s executive director talks about the ’Grossly Indecent’ report and the need to right historical wrongs

Twitter has spoken, but will Disney give Elsa a girlfriend?

A Twitter campaign for Frozen asks how long companies like Disney can nod toward social progress while keeping it out of their movies
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A gay utopia in Weimar-era Berlin: Book review

Author Robert Beachy explores Berlin’s gay culture and sexually liberal history

Of lisps and linguistics: The power of the gay voice

A filmmaker examines the mysterious origin of the "gay voice"
Laura Jane Grace, Toronto, June 2014 Photograph by Adrian Lee

Video: Laura Jane Grace on why she decided to transition

The transgender lead singer of punk rock band Against Me! on why she still worries about her daughter
Laura Jane Grace, Toronto, June 2014 Photograph by Adrian Lee

Laura Jane Grace: ’People are people. They deserve to be loved.’

The lead singer of veteran punk band Against Me! talks about her transition as a transgender woman