Linda Duncan

The revolution gets bumped up two days

Michael Chong to table his bill on Tuesday

PHOTO GALLERY: NDP rock the House

Mitchel Raphael celebrates the season with the Opposition


The Commons: Thomas Mulcair and Stephen Harper play charades

The Scene. What does it mean to act? What is change? What does one do when one takes something and makes it somehow smaller? How should one describe such action?

The Commons: Playing 20 questions with Gerry Ritz

The Commons: The Agriculture Minister returns to the House

The Commons: Duly elected to carry on unapologetically

Jason Kenney declines several invitations to say sorry


The NDP and Alberta

Greg Fingas puts some hope in Linda Duncan’s shadow cabinet assignment.


More fallout

More movement in caucus support. Carol Hughes goes from Niki Ashton to Thomas Mulcair. Linda Duncan goes from Paul Dewar to Mr. Mulcair. And Dennis Bevington goes from Mr. Dewar to Nathan Cullen.


Dewar on the environment

Paul Dewar wins the endorsement of Linda Duncan and releases his platform on energy and the environment, which includes cap-and-trade, the elimination of oil subsidies and a “green grid.”

The Commons: Darkness in the mid-afternoon

Is it just us or is it getting dim in here?

NDP adventures in Westpolitik

Why does Paul Dewar want Alberta and Saskatchewan to stop doing what’s making them rich?

Mitchel Raphael on speaking of candidates and ‘expiry dates’

Speaking of candidates and ‘expiry dates’

Mind if we update that Jaffer sign?


They’re all out to get us (II)

The Prime Minister is now customizing his fear and paranoia for individual opposition backbenchers.