lisa macleod

Social media’s role in reshaping power in politics

Our editorial: A subtle shift appears to be taking place, in which perceptions of the application of political power are changing

Ontario’s forecast: MacLeody with a chance of half-apologies

Tabatha Southey: Lisa MacLeod and Doug Ford are are in the running for most offensive take on children with autism. Call it a draw?

What are we debating when we debate border crossers?

Paul Wells: The Trudeau Liberals are becoming fascinated with the idea that language matters. And in its spat with Ontario this week, they were not entirely convincing.


These people are not actors

Steve Paikin convenes a half dozen newish MPs and MPPs to discuss life in politics. Theatre is the most over-used word therein. 


In Ottawa, all politics is federal: Liveblogging the Larry O’Brien trial for a day

Up til now, ITQ had been able to resist the siren song of the Larry O’Brien trial. But with so many Hill staffers — and the occasional minister — turning up on the witness list, not to mention the historic ruling by the judge to allow journalists to liveblog and twitter from the courtroom — it was inevitable that she would eventually be lured into the maw. Anyway, with PMO appointments czar Dave Penner slated to testify this afternoon, it turns out that today’s the day that ITQ goes hyperlocal.