Lise Zarac

The Commons: Anyone can be environment minister

What does Chuck Strahl have to do with the Tories’
efforts against climate change?


Since when?

Helena Guergis, responding yesterday to a question from Liberal Lise Zarac about Conservative Maurice Vellacott’s recent musings on abortion.

Martin Cauchon, you’re not alone

Hélène Buzzetti has the scoop: “According to information gathered by Le Devoir, four Quebec Liberal MPs are being asked by Denis Coderre to leave politics and hand over their safe seats to a star candidate.”


To get more women into Parliament, we’ve got to get rid of some of the women in Parliament

With all the usual caveats whenever anonymous Liberals are involved, a novel theory is attributed to Denis Coderre here.


The Commons: Retro Wednesday

The Scene. Ralph Goodale stood to applause and chants of his first name, a garish tie hanging from his neck. With Michael Ignatieff away, it was the Liberal house leader’s privilege to lead the official opposition’s interrogation of the government side.


The Commons: The mild voice of consensus

With the Throne Speech through, MPs returned to the House to lounge about before business began. Speaker Peter Milliken fiddled with the morning paper’s Sudoku. Veteran Affairs Minister Greg Thomson flipped through the New Yorker. The Prime Minister scrutinized a copy of the new seating chart, periodically looking up to see precisely where his least favourite members of the Liberal side were now seated.