little shop of tories -> island of misfit toys?

UPDATED: So the Little Shop of Tories isn’t good enough for you anymore, huh?

Before joining forces with PMO to mock ITQ’s on-the-fly spelling abilities, Colleague Wherry points out a fascinating tidbit of news from Winnipeg Free Press Ottawa bureau chief Mia Rabson.

Unsatisfied, it seems, with carpet-bombing currently enemy-held territory with ten percenters, the Conservative Party has gone and hired itself  one of those newfangled new media firms — a Manitoba-based one at that. The Mars Hill Group, the Free Press reports, “will be helping individual Conservative MPs and Senators make personal, customized videos”, and that according to the website,  the first — starring everyone’s favourite prime-time-political-broadcaster-turned-senator and “longtime party supporter” Mike Duffy — is slated to “start hitting inboxes this fall”.

Oddly, the announcement — which was prominently displayed on the site last week  — seems to have vanished, for some reason, but luckily, the original text is still available, courtesy of  Google cache.

Why is was removed is, alas, a mystery — and if ITQ can find out, she’ll let you know.