What the NDP’s ethics critic is not liking about Facebook’s role in Ottawa

At the House of Commons ethics committee and in an interview with Maclean’s, Charlie Angus questioned Facebook’s political ties in Ottawa and lack of lobbying registration

Facebook can claim its very busy man in Ottawa is not a lobbyist. Here’s how.

Facebook has an active and growing interest in Canadian policy. But unlike other big tech firms, none of its employees are registered as lobbyists.

Barry Sherman’s death cuts short the lobbying probe against him

The democracy watchdog group that complained about Sherman’s activities promises to challenge the decision in court
Barry, Honey Sherman

Barry Sherman’s death is forcing the lobbying commissioner to make a tough decision

Nancy Bélanger tells court she’ll decide by Feb. 2 whether to keep investigating Sherman’s cash-for-access fundraiser featuring Justin Trudeau
Justin Trudeau

When it comes to fundraising rules, it’s the wild west in Ottawa

There are rules from the Harper era that offer some guidance out of the Liberals’ fundraising mess. But there is no sheriff—and that’s a problem.
Nigel Wright

More questions about the PM’s well-connected chief of staff

Former private equity bigwig Nigel Wright gets lobbied despite ethical ’screen’—again
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Simon Fraser donated to Liberals

Public funds should not go to political parties: Minister
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Why did SOPA get so far? Geeks don’t lobby.

Congress received way more money from the entertainment industry
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Bruce Carson exploited lobbying loophole

Former Harper aide once published study advocating for lobbyist accountability