Facebook can claim its very busy man in Ottawa is not a lobbyist. Here’s how.

Facebook has an active and growing interest in Canadian policy. But unlike other big tech firms, none of its employees are registered as lobbyists.

Who is Justin Trudeau meeting with?

Barack Obama releases a detailed schedule online. Kathleen Wynne sends her itinerary to the media daily. Trudeau’s meetings? Listed as ‘private.’

Republicans have one new friend request

Republicans have a new friend request

Some U.S. politicians are using money from Mark Zuckerberg for their own causes–including advocating for Keystone


Tory aide applied to firms to which he leaked information

Pre-budget leak grinds budget consultations to a halt


Fight the real enemy

Amid talk yesterday of Rahim Jaffer, Helena Guergis, Devinder Shory, lobbyists, religion, ideology, firearms, abortion policy, poverty, torture, nuclear weapons, the prosecution of Omar Khadr and salmon farming, John Baird astutely identified the foremost issue facing Ottawa as the legal career of Liberal MP Derek Lee. Seems the biography of Mr. Lee posted on a law firm’s website describes him as participating in activities that include “lobbying government.”


Ottawa’s power brokers take a hit

New rules target partisan lobbyists’ ‘improper influence’


UPDATED: This Month in Now Mandatorily Disclosed Lobbying – Who says Stephen Harper isn’t approachable?

Not Jayson Myers of the Alliance of Manufacturers and Exporters Canada, that’s for sure. Why, just last month, he was able to set up a meeting with the Prime Minister himself, along with the then freshly shuffled ministers of International Trade and Public Works to discuss business opportunities with – France? really? – as well as manufacturing competitiveness, industrial benefits in federal procurement and support for Canadian exporters.