Instacart shopper

Inside the fight for the future of grocery delivery in Canada

Apps like Instacart are aiming to revolutionize how Canadians shop for groceries, but established players have their own plans to challenge them
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Why it is so perilous to mess with the price of bread

What was Loblaws thinking? Bread is no mere food product. It’s a part of human history, religion and culture; it is the staff of life.
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How to make Loblaws pay the most with your $25 gift card

The best way to make Loblaw Cos. pay for fixing bread prices is to avoid items that it makes more profit on, like its President’s Choice line of products.
Money to Burn: Five-Dollar Bills in Toaster

Loblaws’ price-fixing may have cost you at least $400

Any way you slice it, Canadian bread shouldn’t have cost this much

Where to donate your $25 Loblaws gift card: find your nearest food bank here

How to find the closest food bank in each province and territory to donate your Loblaws bread price fixing card

What to know about Loblaw’s new PC Insiders loyalty program

Is a $99 annual subscription fee worth the cost?
Target Earns

Waiting for Target: Canadian retailers retrench

Retail companies brace for the U.S. juggernaut to set up shop north of the border
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Loblaws backs off on bag fee

Loblaws has ended its bag fee in Atlantic Canada
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Joe’s Fresh Take

How Loblaws became the new king of Canadian fashion
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Ryerson to get new hockey arena

Federal government kicks in $20 million to develop Maple Leaf Gardens