A note on class acts

Simply because this corner is sometimes quick to call out colleagues whose work is slipshod or off target on any given day, I wanted to pause to congratulate the monstrous tentacular broadcast consortium that is organizing this week’s teevee debates for the choice of moderators: Stéphan Bureau and Steve Paikin.


The prime minister’s Senate reform plan…

…is seriously not popular with some of the country’s finest constitutionalists. But surely people who’ve read Pierre Trudeau’s constitution and — shudder — teach it for a living are part of the Vast Liberal Plot, no? Anyway, Kady has details.

SPOTTED! A LIVE GOVERNMENT STAFFER UPDATE: Funny how much more quickly one hears from ministers’ offices when one doesn‘t ask a question. From Peter Van Loan’s office:

I see that you’ve started to pay attention to the proceedings at the legislative committee on Bill C-20 (Senate consultations).