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A doctor in one of Canada’s long-COVID clinics on the real dangers of the diagnosis

“I’ve seen marathon runners who can’t walk a block without being short of breath”
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"We can not overlook those left in its wake."

Letters to the editor, April 1, 2022: Readers weigh in on a Kelowna development war, the shadow of COVID-19, and impoverished seniors in Vancouver’s Chinatown
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‘To all of you who are suffering: be gentle with yourself. There is life after the storm.’

Letters to the editor, March 3, 2022: Readers weigh in on the horrors of long COVID, the electric vehicle boom, and a deep talk with Kathleen Wynne
Dr. Daisy Fung: even long COVID patients working in health care are not believed. (Photograph by Jason Franson)

Chronic exhaustion, derailed lives and no way out. This is long COVID.

Up to half a million Canadians are suffering from debilitating symptoms of long COVID—and falling through the cracks of a depleted health-care system