Lucien Bouchard

Martine Ouellet

The Bloc Québécois: What if Lucien Bouchard was right?

Paul Wells: Amidst fresh disarray within the party, it’s worth recalling the former leader’s advice: ’This is no way to run a federation.’
Carlos Leitao, Philippe Couillard

Le Devoir’s shaky memory

Wells: Bouchard cut spending far more drastically than Couillard, so Le Devoir has forgotten he ever existed

Paul Wells in Conversation: Chantal Hebert

Chantal Hébert’s new book gets Lucien Bouchard to spill the beans on the 1995 Quebec referendum
Que 400th Bash 20080703

Exclusive: Stephen Harper’s legal challenge to Quebec secession

The PM’s position is nearly identical to Jean Chrétien and Stéphane Dion, writes Paul Wells
Jason Kenney

The Commons: Duly elected to carry on unapologetically

Jason Kenney declines several invitations to say sorry
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Behind the scenes of the CAQ

Once a threat to the provincial Liberals, the six-month-old Quebec party has stumbled badly
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Bouchard shakes it up, again

The former PQ leader comes out of isolation to trash his old party
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Signs of life for Michael Ignatieff

Prorogation allowed Ignatieff to see through the fog of his foibles and find his vision