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Views Of Luxury Shopping Ahead Of Retail Sales

What’s behind Canada’s newfound lust for luxury?

From cars to clothing to condos, the masses in Canada have developed a taste for the sumptuous—but not everything is quite as it seems

Fast money, fancy cars: How one Ontario drop-out made it big

Rob Myers became the king of the luxury exotic-car business through "relentless professionalism"

Volkswagen Phaeton: The (rich) people’s car

Volkswagen makes another bid for the luxury market
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The battle of Bavaria

Audi is taking aim at its bigger rival BMW in the race to become the top German luxury brand
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Trying to make a getaway

The parking authority is trying to recover about $6.5 million in unpaid fines
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Fat city

The civil service hasn’t suffered in this recession. Is it about to share our pain?
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What recession?

Luxury car companies are seeing rising sales and winning market share even as more modest brands are crumbling