Maclean's debate 2019

Maclean’s-Citytv National Leaders Debate 2019: Full transcript

Here’s everything Elizabeth May, Jagmeet Singh and Andrew Scheer said during the Maclean’s-Citytv #firstdebate

After first debate, one in 10 say voting intentions changed: online poll

Surveys on social media suggest a potentially strong impact on voters’ opinions

‘Who is Jagmeet Singh’s wife?’ and other Google searches during the first debate

Nothing reveals our nosy, prurient and gossipy sides like a hit parade of search-engine queries

One takeaway from the first debate: Canada’s foreign policy is an unholy mess

The leaders’ responses on China, Israel and Canada’s role in NATO lurched from platitudinous to downright bizarre

What Elizabeth May had to do at the debate was less than she did

Anne Kingston: After faux-shaking Justin Trudeau’s hand, May needed to establish that a Green vote was a credible alternative

9 must-see moments from the 2019 National Leaders Debate

Andrew Scheer, Elizabeth May and Jagmeet Singh challenged each other on big, powerful issues—and, of course, directed fire at the prime minister who wasn’t in the room

Federal leaders bow to Francois Legault on Bill 21

Legault asked them to stay out of legal challenges ‘forever.’ For now, none of them will get in his way

Jagmeet Singh’s moment to shine—and get a little angry

The NDP leader was at his most compelling when he was mad, and standing up for a cause. It helped him emerge from the first debate looking like the winner.

Andrew Scheer glowers at the Man Who Wasn’t There

It should be easy to look prime ministerial when the Prime Minister isn’t at the debate. But Scheer couldn’t quite pull it off.

Starting at the end: the closing statements tell a lot about tonight’s debate

Scheer aimed to highlight trust-plus-affordabilty, while May declared the status quo obsolete. But Singh hit his marks most consistently with his focus on fighting the power.

The U.S. democratic primary debate versus the Canadian federal leaders debate

Jaime J. Weinman: The U.S. debate was like Saturday Night Live, while the Canadian debate, appropriately enough, was more like SCTV

The Elizabeth May show and the first leaders debate

Stephen Maher: While Scheer hit a wall with his climate plan and Singh came up short on policy detail, the Green leader, an experienced debater, took over