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Donald Trump and the new world order

Donald Trump has no foreign policy experience. What will that mean on the world stage?

Here’s the thing about the Maryam Monsef controversy

The MP’s birthplace does not matter. Her mother made a brave choice, sparing her daughters from a brutal and ruthless past

Liberals face chilly times ahead

The sunny summer is over. Fall has arrived for the Liberal Party, writes Evan Solomon.

How to talk about cultural appropriation

Andray Domise explains why it’s long past time for the conversation to evolve.

A word of caution for Justin Trudeau at the UN

Once we break it, we’ve bought it, argues Evan Solomon

The North and the great Canadian lie

Canada is not a proud northern nation. Its Arctic is undefended, undeveloped and socially fraught.

Why Justin Trudeau’s trip to China matters

Canada has no coherent policy on China. Evan Solomon on why it’s time for change.

Canadian soldiers are the new deterrents in the Baltics

Evan Solomon on why some NATO allies are more equal than others

Some wild speculation on Donald Trump’s VP

Who will be Trump’s VP? Chris Christie in a pantsuit is a dead ringer for someone…

Stephen Poloz discovers the humanity of the economy

Why it’s important that the Bank of Canada’s governor is now acknowledging the economy isn’t some unemotional, robotic engine

So what if Millennials won’t leave the nest?

There’s ample reason to understand, and little reason to panic, about the plight of millennials

Venezuela collapses and nobody cares

Scott Gilmore on why Canada should do more for Venezuela