marc emery

Marc Emery; Jodie Emery

Marc Emery was right; Julian Fantino was wrong

Stephen Maher: The activist faces a huge fine and will be locked out of the legal weed business. The former cop is set to cash in.
Marc Emery; Jodie Emery

Are Marc and Jodie Emery bad for the weed movement?

With legalization imminent, pot’s reigning power couple looks more and more like a liability
Unofficial Counterculture Marijuana Holiday Celebrated

Jodie Emery on her shocking arrest—and two nights in jail

The so-called "princess of pot" and her husband, Marc Emery, will fight trafficking and conspiracy charges—and continue their political advocacy
Marc Emery Jodie Emery

Jodie Emery creates a problem for the Conservatives

Colby Cosh on the dangers of ignoring the libertarian vote
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’Prince of pot’ contracts superbug in prison

Marc Emery reportedly suffering from MRSA infection contracted in Mississippi facility

This Week: Newsmakers

Madonna’s newest epiphany, Stephen Harper’s women problem, and signs of sanity from Jan Brewer
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The secret shame of Maclean’s

A history of moral panic about marijuana in Canada
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Pamela Anderson writes a letter to Putin, Japan gets a less embarrassing PM, plus a Lou Reed concert for dogs