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Fair Elections Act: Pierre Poilievre throws a punch

And Sheila Fraser throws a punch at Pierre Poilievre
Canada’s Chief Electoral Officer Mayrand leaves after testifying before the Commons procedure and House affairs committee on Parliament Hill in Ottawa

Marc Mayrand vs. the Fair Elections Act

How a mild-mannered civil servant became one of the Tories’ biggest antagonists
Pierre Poilievre

The state of the Fair Elections Act debate

More complaints, but what are the odds of compromise?
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How would you like your electoral reform?

New proposals from the chief electoral officer and the minister
Marc Mayrand

Marc Mayrand speaks up

The anecdotal, philosophical matter of the Fair Elections Act
Marc Mayrand

QP Live: Welcome to the spotlight, Marc Mayrand!

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The sketch: Is the Fair Elections Act a lesson in democracy?

’Mr. Speaker, we have only begun debate’
Pierre Poilievre

Electoral showdown: Pierre Poilievre vs. Marc Mayrand

The Democratic Reform Minister shows off his government’s newest bill