Maria Minna


Primary problems

Former Liberal MP Maria Minna is circulating a letter outlining her concerns with the workings and ramifications of moving to a primary system to elect a party leader. She has nine points, but I’ll excerpt number eight here, which seems relevant both for the philosophical concern and the specific complaints.

Remembering Mario Lagüe

A remembrance night was held last week for Liberal communications director Mario Lagüe, who died in a motorcycle accident in August.

Battling bullying

The Jer’s Vision/Day of Pink 5th Anniversary Gala in Ottawa celebrated those who have helped battle bullying and homophobia. Liberal MP Hedy Fry won one of the Youth Role Model of the Year awards.

The Commons: The latest distraction

Ignatieff questions the Conservatives’ approach to post-secondary education


The Commons: If unanswered, just keep asking

The party of infinite mercy, shows none to Diane Finley


The Commons: The $3-billion question

The Scene. Ralph Goodale stood to open Question Period with a question of entirely symbolic value. The Finance Minister responded in kind.


Yes! We! Almost! Sort of! Are!

Glen Pearson, bless his heart, foresees a new post-partisan era dawning in Ottawa.


Your Team Iggy starting line-up

Posted without comment for the moment. Some attempt at analysis to follow after some consideration now offered below.