Marianas Trench

To boldly go

From space to the Marianas trench to Niagara Falls, 2012 had daredevils galore


James Cameron’s giant dive for mankind

The Canadian-born filmmaker takes a sub of his own design to the deepest place in the ocean


President Bush Turns A Little Green

Well, sort of. President Bush is to create the world’s largest marine protection area in the Pacific Ocean. Mining and commercial fishing will be banned across 505,000 square kilometers, in an area larger than California. These preserves include the the northern Marianas Islands and the Mariana Trench, Pacific Remote Islands, and Rose Atoll Marine National Monuments and are home to hundreds of species of bird and fish that are found nowhere else, including, the Micronesian megapode, which is the only known living bird that uses volcanic heat to incubate its eggs. The Mariana Trench is also home to the deepest spot on the sea floor.